Who pollutes more? Who will win: Julio César Messi or Asterix Mbappé? These humans are crazy!

The man who is most afraid of the colossal capacity of Lionel Messi to drill goals is called Hugo Lloris and in addition to being the goalkeeper in charge of stopping the goals of crack and his teammates, he is the captain of the French team.

A 36-year-old veteran and almost a contemporary of the 10 albiceleste, a few months younger, has praised the former Barcelona player as a “football legend” before this Sunday’s final. But unlike the man often considered the best player in the world and certainly one of the best of all time, Hugo Lloris already has a world champion medal hanging while Rosario’s does not. The effort of the French goalkeeper and all his teammates, not to say the whole country, is precisely to prevent Messi from being world champion.

“Of course we know what Messi means to the history of football, but it’s a match between Argentina and France. The match is too big to focus on just one player,” the French goalkeeper tells us, aware that many people expect for Messi to win his first World Cup. “We know that the French are with us, nothing else matters to us. Few believed in us, but now we are back in the final. We will give everything to win this match again,” he said.

But it’s not like that. Half the planet, or perhaps more people, goes with Argentina, perhaps because after seeing what he did Lionel Messi In the match against Croatia, you have to surrender to the truth: he is a genius, he is a God, he deserves that medal. But there is a group of fans that does not go with Messi. How would Rene Goscinny, the father of another hero as Gallic as Asterix, “a small town still resists the invader”. Yes, the Gauls are the only ones who have not yet been overrun by the overwhelming technical superiority of the Julius Caesar football, the emperor arrived from the other side of the Atlantic.

Along with Asterix, and all of France, there are many Real Madrid fans, delighted to enjoy the spectacle of such a fabulous confrontation, but hopeful that Messi, the secret weapon from Barcelona that has made life impossible for them while he was there, gets his punishment: not being champion of the world. Nor are Real Madrid amused that Mbappé, the genius who despised and wavered at them, is champion, but after all, the young man in his twenties already has that medal on him, even though he is almost 12 years younger than Messi. And also, in the gala team there are other madridistas. Messi has a clear, obvious objective: to win the last title that is missing in his showcases, while Mbappé can achieve his second World Cup at just 23 years old.

Messi has won everything except this tournament and that prevents him from having what we call a pristine record. Mbappé can boast of having touched the World Cup and also, being so young, it cannot be ruled out that he won another, with which he would equalize the Pele’s record. A legend without discussion.

These humans are crazy!

They said Asterix and his friend the obese Obelix that “these Romans are crazy” and now we could paraphrase the claim writing that these humans are crazy”, who put the spectacle of football above human dignity and any morally defensible value. But it is like this: the debate of whether Messi will win or Mbappé will win He is the one who commands a few hours from the grand finale. There will be time to reflect again on the fact that in the country where the World Cup takes place they piss on human rights, enslave workers, humiliate women, condemn homosexuals and bribe the European Parliament.

The smelly FIFA and its minions they knew that in the end the passion for soccer would prevail, no matter how much rotten stench this World Cup in Qatar releases, since Platini, Sarkozy and other corrupt organized a decade ago, against all odds, the event of shame, in addition to put PSG on the Qataris (from Messi and Mbappé, by the way).

Hearings are the best proof of the most obvious. Billions watch the game and only a few have read Qatar. the pearl of the gulf the book by Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio and Ignacio Gutiérrez de Terán, or the documentary Qatar. The World Cup at your feet.

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Argentina-France face off in one of the great battles in the history of the World Cups. Messi would already be a bit of a Maradona but without cocaine, and Mbappé would be a serious candidate to be the best footballer of all time if age and injuries allow it.

like planes

Such is the expectation that the confrontation has raised that there have been media that have compared the French and the Argentine even for their private planes as a report prior to the final at 4:00 p.m., peninsular time. Because Lionel Messi and Killian Mbappé, Qatar’s paid colleagues at PSG, both have exorbitant salaries, as well as millionaire income from image and publicity rights; and of course he has private jets.

The Argentinian has a Gulfstream V and the Frenchman rents a Challenger 350. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the biggest losers in this World Cup, owns a Gulfstream 650, valued at more than 60 million euros. Neymar, Ibrahimovic or Gareth Bale also enjoy the luxury of owning their own plane.

Mbappé, like Messi and other of his teammates, has been the target of criticism for the little ecological nature of this luxury of ultramultimillionaires, like many PSG players. In September, the team’s coach, Christopher Galtier, and Mbappé himself scoffed at the suggestion of a director of the French railway company SNCF that they use the train instead of the plane to go play against Nantes, a journey of less than 400 kilometers. The French Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, censured the attitude of both and warned them that they were going to introduce laws to limit the use of this type of highly polluting aircraft. Below, the Bomber.

Messi has been heavily criticized because it is very unecological and less sustainable to use a Gulfstream V, by the C02 level generated by their constant movements. His private jet emitted more than 1,500 tons of CO2 in just 3 months, the same amount that an average Frenchman generates in 150 years, according to L’Equipe. The plane, which is also used by family and friends, made 52 trips around the world in just two months, between June 1 and August 31. Messi, oblivious to these critics, enjoy your lujazo, and pays for it with a leasing which launched in 2018. The jet is valued at more than 14 million euros, as valued by The Spanish, and can make transoceanic trips thanks to its autonomy of almost 10,000 km. At almost a thousand kilometers per hour, Messi can take 15 people (the plane has 16 executive seats, which can be converted into eight beds. Each of the two areas into which it is divided has a bathroom with shower, full kitchen, sink , power outlets, folding tables, satellite TV and entertainment systems). In the tail of the plane you can see the number 10, the one that has been on its number since the days of Barcelona and the stairs for passengers going up and down are engraved with the names of Antonella, his wife, and their children Thiago, Ciro and Matthew. Below, Messi’s plane inside.

Kylian Mbappé enjoys a private plane thanks to his multi-million dollar contract, according to Football Leaks: the player asked to be able to use a private jet for 50 hours a year at the club’s expense. And so he has been enjoying the pleasure of moving around the world since he was 19 years old, when he signed for Paris Saint Germain. The Challenger 350 Bombardier corporate jet costs 6,600 euros per hour. It has the largest cabin in its class, “with exquisite finishes and an elegant style, a flat floor design and safe access to luggage at all times, it offers a high level of style and comfort”, according to the website of the maker. Mbappé’s plane can carry 10 passengers. Its two engines allow it to fly at a maximum speed of 840 km/h and it has the Pro Line 21 avionics suite, one of the most advanced on the market. Below, a Gulfstream.