A U21 international in limbo. That is the current story of Antonio Blanco at Real Madrid. Last summer was rare the week that there was no more or less serious movement around the Madrid club or the midfielder to know if the Cordovan was in the market. There was offers of assignment and transfer since last winter but the proposal of the white entity liked him more, because he was offered opportunities from the first team although his file, for administrative purposes, was outside Castilla. So he went on vacation, convinced that the preseason was going to establish him as the first option to replace Casemiro. All that flew through the air with the signing of Camavinga …

Photo by Antonio Blanco

Madrid made the arrival of the French official on August 31. Blanco was caught off guard and without margin of being able to find a way out, but left him quite affected in the mood. Because it was not the first time that I saw Camavinga plugging her way. In the previous months, each time Madrid’s interest in acquiring Rennes’s talent increased, White showed In private your worry. Camavinga landed, the Cordoba tried to calm him down from different fronts, including his new professional environment. “Easy, he comes to cover other positions …”, he was told. Time has told otherwise.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The only time Ancelotti had given Rest to Casemiro This season it was against Mallorca … and the one who took his place on the pitch as a starter was Camavinga. Blanco got the consolation prize. He played the last half hour to replace the international bleu when the scoreboard showed a decided match (4-1). In Mestalla, for example, in one of the rare times that Case has been replaced, again the replacement was Camavinga. The youth league champion youth squad with the golden generation of Raúl’s Youth in 2020 has not played again.

Blanco, in a match with Madrid last season.

As a result, to keep him active, Madrid have allowed him to Raúl align him with Castilla. The face of Antonio Blanco in the first game that he had to come down from the pedestal, against Balompédica Linense on August 29, was a poem. In less than 24 hours he went from not moving from Benito Villamarín’s bench to have to deal with la Balloons in the Line of the Conception. From LaLiga to the First RFEF without decompression.

All of it playing the physical at a crucial age in his career (21 years), in an ungrateful category in which there is no sporting growth (he already shone there in the two previous seasons) and with fields in worse condition than those who found the first team. Nor is it an option to convince Carletto, who does not need to see him in the subsidiary because Blanco trains daily with Madrid. The picture is even more complicated because the clock is running against him, with Dani ceballos heading the end of his recovery. With the Utreran ready, Blanco would be the seventh or eighth of the rotation (according to Isco) for only three places if Madrid’s 4-3-3 remains firm. While the January market arrives, for Blanco it seems that only Castilla remains. Much to lose, little to gain, as it comes out of oblivion.