The Wanda Metropolitano has registered a gala atmosphere in the match against Porto. The rojiblanco team had not played in the Champions League with fans in the stands since the tie against Liverpool. The fans responded and the Atlético stadium relived its best moments. The fans wanted to be with their team in a game like this.

There was expectation to see how the fans would receive Griezmann and it was clear from the beginning. Before the start of the game, the Atlético eleven was announced on the video scoreboards and there was applause for all the players. Alternates were also announced and when Griezmann's name sounded there was a loud whistle in the Metropolitan Wanda, commanded by the south end of the stadium. From that background they made clear the position to take with the now Atlético player.

Athletic Shield / Flag

It seems that the fans do not forgive, from the start, that the Frenchman left Atlético for Barcelona and although he has already stated that he is delighted to be back, it will be difficult for the fans to forgive him. Griezmann started the match on the bench and his place was taken by João Félix, who had a good performance against Espanyol. Former Madrid player Pepe was also whistled every time he touched the ball and in this case the Atlético fans do not forgive their Madrid past.

At the start of the second half, Griezmann went out to warm up the band with Lodi and Correa, and at that moment there was already more indifference from the stands towards the French. The fans focused their attention on the game. When he entered in the 56th minute, within the triple change that Simeone made (he was the third to jump), A large part of the fans did dedicate a loud whistle to him. In the rest of the changes (Lodi and Correa entered, Koke and Hermoso came out) yes there was applause. As the minutes passed, Griezmann also received applause.