The whistles to Kylian Mbappé have become a constant since the start of the season. From matchday 2 against Strasbourg, In the debut of the Parisians at home in Ligue 1, the Parc des Princes has not yet forgotten their frustrated signing by Real Madrid and today they booed him againAlthough the whistles later turned into applause as the players entered the field of play before facing Lyon.

The whistle this Sunday, as usual, occurred just when the public address system of the Park of the Princes announced the name of Mbappé when he was naming all the PSG players. That of Bondy, who has not yet renewed and everything suggests that he will not do it this season either, he took a strong whistle, although a large part of the audience wanted to applaud him.

Minutes later, during the entrance of the 22 players to the field, the entire Parc des Princes gave a loud ovation to Mbappé, besides chanting his name on several occasions. The striker is currently playing the game against Lyon, which at halftime ended with a score of 0-0.