The future of Sergio Ramos away from Real Madrid is not a utopia. His renewal with the white club is at a standstill and there are several teams that are closely following everything that happens with the Andalusian player. A footballer who with Eurocup just around the corner, he prefers to remain in Europe and postpone an adventure far from the continent, so the option of going to the United States, China or Qatar seems to be out of the question.

The PSG of Pochettino He would be willing to take over the services of Ramos and in France they do not see the arrival of the Andalusian impossible next summer. Of course, the French club will have to get rid of several players to make cash and be able to pay Ramos which is an amount of 15 million euros net per season.

Manchester City, of Guardiola, tHe is also very attentive to everything that happens with Sergio Ramos. Having a player with the experience and hierarchy of the Andalusian and, also, without paying a transfer, they see it as a great business in the City.

There are more teams that are interested in Sergio Ramos. The Juventus He would also be delighted to receive the center-back who would rejoin Cristiano Ronaldo. Also in Italy, the Milan he is attentive to everything that happens with Ramos.

At the moment, no one has made a specific offer to Sergio Ramos, who since January 1 can negotiate with any club without Real Madrid being able to do anything.


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