The renovation of Ansu Fati is already a hot topic in Barcelona. It is not that the winger wants to force his departure, but his contract end date is in discussion between the club and the player and his environment. As it counted Sique Rodríguez in El Larguero, both parties are willing to negotiate but there are discrepancies on the date.

These are, for the most part, legal. Ansu Fati signed this contract when he was 17 and, being a minor, FIFA did not allow signing a long-term contract with what he signed for the next three years. This institution, yes, has an exception to the norm and is marked according to the legislation of each country. If this allows it, the contract may be extended and thus, Barcelona introduced a clause that is nothing more than a team option to renew Ansu if the club wished until 2024. From the player's environment they disagree on the validity of this clause and maintain that their contract ends at the end of the season. Be that as it may, as Sique Rodríguez indicated in El Larguero, both parties intend to sit down to negotiate to resolve the future of the winger.

The new 10 of Barcelona

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Since Messi's departure and despite the fact that his condition after the serious injury suffered is still unknown, Ansu Fati has become a structural player at FC Barcelona. The winger is the best young player in the squad and has assumed to be 10 after 'El Diez'. The first to assume it after Messi.

At 18 years old, Ansu Fati already has a record for the first team, with which he has 43 games and 13 goals. The one from Bissau has acquired gallons when he is just coming of age.