The image of the princesa Charlene in this official pose it cannot be more descriptive. Laconic and lukewarm smile and absent look. This photograph was taken this Friday morning, January 27, on the occasion of the feast of Santa Devota, the patron saint of the Principality. Albert IIwith mask after having tested positive for Covid, has appeared by surprise to greet from the balcony of the palace. Next to them, the twins, Gabrielle and Jacques.

The former swimmer has presided over the traditional festivities in honor of Santa Devota alone: ​​the torchlight procession and the burning of the boat, prey to flames. Charlene, accompanied by her children, has been carried away by the smiles and spontaneous hugs of the twins, while the flames of the bonfire came. Even so, she has been very serious.

The great absentee from these acts has been Alberto II, after having tested positive for Covid (for the third time). As announced by the Grimaldi Palace, the prince was “asymptomatic” and “working remotely”. For this reason, his reappearance this Friday the 27th has been unexpected and spontaneous.

Wearing a mask, Alberto II has appeared on the balcony to greet and join the family photo. With everything and with that, Charlene, with her gaze abstracted from her, somewhat nostalgic, eclipses her husband in the official inn of Santa Devota.