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Who are Yao Ming, Shaq, and Kevin Hart?

Yao Ming

Yao Ming

Yao Ming is the most popular Chinese basketball player

Yao Ming is undoubtedly the most popular Chinese basketball player in the whole world. His popularity doesn’t just come from his NBA career, but it’s also about his height and especially funny memes about him on the internet. Throughout his career, Yao Ming who was born in 1980 played in the CBA and the NBA. It’s hard not to remember him as he is seven feet, six inches tall and is the only non-US player to lead the NBA in the All-Star voting. Not only does he have the talent, dedication, but also humanitarian aspirations and a great sense of humor.

As a matter of fact, he was named to the All-NBA Team 5 times. He also contributed to his country’s national team three consecutive gold medals for the FIBA Asian Championship. His popularity and net worth bring him on top of Forbes’ Chinese celebrities list. Yao Ming retired in 2011 because of a series of injuries.

As for basketball fans, Yao Ming is known as a Houston Rockets star who won ‘FIBA World Championship in 2002. He even got the most fan votes to start the NBA All-Star Game in 2006 although he missed 21 games due to surgery. In 2016, he was inducted into ‘The Hall of Fame’ and one year later, he was unanimously elected as chairman of ‘Chinese Basketball Association.’

For those who are not basketball fans, you must have seen some famous memes about his face on the internet. Besides, he always stands out from the crowd because he is extremely tall.



This is Shaq and Kevin Hart in a picture

Shaq’s full name is Shaquille O’Neal who is known as one of the most dominant basketball players in history. He is 7 feet, 1 inch tall, not the tallest one in the NBA, but his height is definitely one of his advantages that makes a successful career.

Before his retirement in 2011, Shaq won NBA Championships and Olympic gold with his team. His life after retirement is also noticeable as he became a popular NBA analyst. Shaq was born in 1972 and started to pursue his NBA career in 1992 when he was just 20 years old. During his first season with the Orlando Magic, he was one of the Top 10 players in scoring, rebounding, blocks and shooting percentage. His memorable career started with the Player of the Week award in his first week in the NBA.  

Aside from basketball, Shaq is also known with his music career as a rapper. In 1993, he released a track What’s Up Doc?, which also appeared on his solo debut. Not to mention, Shaq also appeared in several films. His acting career includes several film and television projects, such as drama, sitcom and sports comedy.

Moreover, Shaq also has a passion for business. He acquired a Master of Business Administration degree in 2005 and a doctorate degree in education in 2012. His investment started with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings in 2013 and then the NRG Esports organization 3 years later. He also purchased a Krispy Kreme in Atlanta and has his own restaurant in LA. 

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

Hart is a famous stand-up comedian

Kevin Hart was born in 1979 and is a popular stand-up comedian in America. His first album was released in 2009, named I’m a Grown Little Man. He even had a tour two years later, Laugh at My Pain which was a huge success. Since then, he became a Hollywood star appearing in a variety of comedies like Think Like a Man, Get Hard, or Central Intelligence, etc…

Growing up having rough childhood years as his father struggled with cocaine and the law, he was raised by his mother. His experiences were put into his comedies and that’s one of the reasons why his jokes are so real. He was always obsessed with stand-up comedy and comedians during his young age. And his hard work has paid off well as his stand-up comedy career is extremely successful.

However, it wasn’t always easy for him. Now you see his achievements, his wealth, but he had rough times at the beginning as well. He used to work under the stage and not many people found him that funny.

With the help of Keith Robinson, Kevin Hart began creating impressive comedy from real-life experiences. He has won a few amateur stand-up performances and performed around the country.

Why is YaoMing Shaq Kevin Hart special?

This is a hilarious photo on the internet

YaoMing Shaq Kevin Hart are all huge celebrities in America. The first two are extremely popular NBA players, and the last one is a famous standup comedian. This YaoMing Shaq Kevin Hart story must come from the photo that captures all three of them. When you look at the picture, not only will you see the power, the success, but also the humor. 

All three of them are big names, but the funny thing here is that Kevin Hart is between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 4 inches, which is not common in Hollywood. Meanwhile, YaoMing and Shaq are so tall, as expected because they are basketball players. The photo looks hilarious yet so unreal as you look at it. Kevin Hart just looks like a midget in the picture. It also makes people laugh because Kevin Hart is a comedian, and YaoMing has always had a meme face. So it reminds you about the funny things about these powerful human beings.

So this is the story behind YaoMing Shaq Kevin Hart. If you are their fan, you will cherish the photo. What do you think about the photo of YaoMing Shaq Kevin Hart? Does it look funny to you?