What to do when your account was blocked on a bookmakers website?

Account blocking in a bookmaker’s office is not uncommon in the life of bettors. Trouble can happen to every player, so you need to know how not to get blocked. In the article, we will explain why bookmakers can ban your account, what are the main reasons for this, and what to do to avoid blocking of your account on a bookmakers website.

Fixed games

The point about match-fixing is spelled out in the bookmaker’s rules. For violation of this rule, the account will be blocked, and the money will be frozen. To avoid this, you should not bet on an event whose outcome is known in advance.

In rare cases, the account can be unblocked if the player is of value to the office.

Forks or arbitrage bets

Forks allow players to earn on any outcome of the game, which is why they are so popular among bettors. Unfortunately, they are also one of the main reasons for blocking an account at bookmakers website.

It is not difficult for bookmakers to track “surebets”. To do this, bookmakers monitor large services popular among bettors. Single cases may be ignored, but if a player regularly uses surebets or bets large sums, he will quickly fall under the sights of the bookmaker for blocking. If you do get your account blocked, you may also try other types of gambling, for example you may play various casino games at Casinonic website here –

Automation with bots

Players sometimes resort to bots that automate the process and bet on certain events. However, very soon, the bookmaker’s servers begin to block the bot’s ip-address, and after that, if they do not stop using it, the bettor’s account will also be blocked.

Winning Streak

There are often cases when unscrupulous bookmakers block the accounts of regularly winning players. Everyone knows that bookmakers’ profit is formed from the margin, which is deducted from the players’ bets, and in any case, the company remains in the black.

In fact, this happens because when the odds change, the funds are redistributed, as a result of which the bookmaker makes a profit only with a certain outcome. So, some bookmakers block the accounts of successful players who regularly win.

How to avoid blocking an account in a bookmaker

To avoid blocking an account, you should familiarize yourself with the main reasons for blocking and the bookmaker’s rules that must be followed.

Choose reliable and proven bookmakers. In the event of an unforeseen blocking at reliable bookmaking websites disputes are resolved quickly. However, there are unscrupulous companies that can block an account for no particular reason. Avoid such bookmakers. If the account is blocked, it will not be possible to withdraw money, never.

Create accounts in different bookmakers. This is not prohibited by law or by the rules of the bookmaker itself. If an account with one company is suddenly blocked, you will have a cash reserve that can be used for betting. Just don’t use fork programs. Otherwise, you will easily get banned.