36 points, 8 wins, 12 draws and 14 losses. That is the balance that Javi Gracia leaves in a Valencia in which has met the basic premise of the high dome che for this season: pass the course without descending. The Navarrese will be able to boast – if it is possible to boast of it – that his Valencia never stepped on the relegation places and that he left the team six points above with only twelve to be disputed. But beyond what is mentioned, there are several proper names in which the figure of Javi Gracia has influenced in a concrete way … And not always for the better.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Kang-in Lee's drama

Kang-in was to be the cornerstone on which the project of this campaign will revolve, in fact, that's how they transmitted it to Gracia Before hiring him, he was motivated for it, the club gave him the captain's armband in the preseason and even wanted to give him the number '10' (forcing an unnecessary situation with Soler, who deserved it by gallons). After being a starter in the first days and set a good level, the South Korean was losing relevance and little by little the footballer himself disconnected. In the last two months he has only played 49 minutes and as AS revealed, he will not renew with the club

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The drama of Kang-in LeeKang-in and Javi Gracia, a relationship that failed.

The signings

Perhaps the most striking case. Some of the three incorporations have come to wonder if the coach had a personal problem with him or if Gracia did not line up as a message for not having participated in the election of the winter signings. The truth is that Ferro, Cutrone and Oliva arrived in winter to lend a hand to the team but their participation has been residual. Ferro He has only played 90 minutes and did it against Madrid due to lack of centrals, Cutrone He has only had a few loose minutes in seven games and Olive practically the same. What has attracted the most attention not only to the footballers themselves, but to the directive che, is that Grace has preferred align homegrown players or even convert other players to a new position, as long as not to remove the signings.

The disappearance of Manu Vallejo

The 'Vallejo effect' saved Valencia against the Levante, Alavés and Celta, against these three rivals Manu scored important goals, placing himself as the squad forward with the most goals playing less than their peers. However, the man from Cádiz disappeared From overnight. Vallejo, warm-blooded, finished some meetings in which he stayed without participating very pissed offHowever, his attitude in training was always very professional. In the last three months he has only played 85 minutes despite being the striker who has scored the most goals.

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In the first LaLiga match, Vallejo came in as a shock and scored two goals. Everything seemed idyllic, but soon the situation got worse.

The consolidation of Correia

But of course, much less everything has been bad. Thierry Correia has come to admit publicly that last season was very hard on him and that he did not feel “part of the team”. However, his work added to the hand of Javi Gracia has led to the side on which the 'memes' predominated in the capital of Turia is today an indisputable headline which brings quite a remarkable performance.

Racic's explosion

Something similar happens with Uros Racic. Serbian he stayed this year in the che team after two seasons wandering around the Second Division and Portugal. Racic he publicly said goodbye to Javi Gracia with real pity, because the midfielder considers that the specific work he has done with the Navarrese has been key in his explosion. Today Uros is closely followed by Juventus and has become indisputable at the Mestalla club.

Yunus, the discovery

The Navarrese coach surprised everyone whenor on the first day he lined up an unknown Yunus Musah as the starter, but soon the young New Yorker agreed. Musah has become a fixture in the first team che y has already renewed until next 2026. Despite the fact that in recent weeks his participation has decreased considerably, Yunus has participated in all the games this season except four.

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Yunuh Musah greets Javi Gracia

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