The ‘damn newspaper library’ has returned to do their thing. And it’s only three months since Jorge Perezthe protagonist par excellence of the week thanks to his affair with Alba Carrilloharshly criticized Íñigo Onieva after being unfaithful to his wife: “It is unjustifiable and he has to come out and show his face.”

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The program it’s already noon has rescued the videos in which the former civil guard, who has been unfaithful to his wife with Fonsi Nieto’s ex, according to martha lopezcensured the kiss of the fiancé of Tamara Falco with a model at a music festival in the United States: “It’s very difficult to justify, it leaves no room for doubt,” he said. “I think he is devastated that his public image has been destroyed.”

Jorge Pérez is very angry about the information that is being released all these days: from his meeting with Alba Carrillo, in which the protagonist herself assures that “the sexual tension was resolved”, to the insinuations that the model has not been the only one with whom he has flirted in the Mediaset universe. So much so that Marta López has assured this Friday that the former civil guard is studying taking legal measures.