What Joana Sanz cannot tell about the case of Dani Alves: “She believes the victim”

The Canarian model is sparing in words when it comes to talking to the press but she vents with her most intimate circle to cope with the most difficult days of recent months. Some of these people have leaked some of the secrets that Joana Sanz she has kept since her husband Dani Alveswas accused of having raped a woman in Barcelona: “She Believes the Victim”.

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“She has separated from a person she loves, that is very hard, but the situation affects her more because she believes in the victim,” Belén Esteban said in Save me. She also assures that Joana feels “used” by her husband’s first lawyer: “He told her to make the video and to post it, which she did not want.” Those images cost the Canary Islands a barrage of criticism, as she questioned the version of the alleged victim and assured that the women harassed her husband at parties, even in front of her: “If they do that in front of me, why not will do when I’m not around,” he said.

Weeks later, Joana believes that she “mismanaged” the situation and that she should never have recorded that video, much less made it public: “The victim is the main thing, but that night, he went out and cheated on her.”

Apart from that famous video, the model has publicly supported Dani on several occasions: “Whenever I can, I’m going to see him to find out how he is, how he is and to hear from him. It is a very complicated situation and I am not going to left alone at the worst moment of his life,” he said at the prison gates during one of his visits. She and she has shown herself to be very correct when it comes to positioning herself: “I’m not going to judge him, that’s what justice is for.”

This Tuesday, in addition, Joana has contacted Ana Rosa’s program to deny that her husband and she are having problems with the distribution of property in the face of their divorce: “We don’t have to talk about money because Dani and I have separate property, we have nothing in common,” she said.