What is not known about the agreement between Bertín Osborne and Gabriela Guillén

  • The singer admitted his paternity before the Judge this Wednesday at 12:55 in the morning

It was around one o’clock on Wednesday when a statement signed by Bertín Osborne and Gabriela Guillén arrived at the newsrooms in which it seemed that the legal battle over the paternity of the Paraguayan baby was put to an end.

The hand of Jose Luis López ‘El Turronero’ was behind that statement where the singer “Bertín Osborne wanted to make public today the commitment to provide the best future for the baby that Gabriela Guillén gave birth to 5 months ago, thus normalizing the relationship with the businesswoman who was at the time the singer’s partner and showing maximum responsibility with this minor”, to which it is added that “he has considered it essential to put an end to a situation that was not beneficial for either the mother or the baby”, in addition to regretting how he behaved when Gabriela was pregnant and the reactions that he had that “were not the most appropriate.” “He wants to amend them with facts that allow giving the best opportunities to the minor,” the statement adds. Thus, the presenter confesses that “I was wrong, and I don’t want to continue doing it. Gabriela deserves all my respect and of course above us is a minor who has to grow in harmony, away from any controversy. It is a responsibility that I assume” .

Up to this point it seems that the story would end with “and they were happy and ate…”, but It’s not all as friendly as it seems. To begin with, because at no time has the paternity lawsuit been withdrawn and the process continues. One of the conditions for issuing this statement is that Osborne admit his paternity before the Judge and he did so on Wednesday at 12:55 in the morning when a letter signed by the artist’s lawyer was received at the court in which the lawsuit and also asked to pay the costs on the grounds that they had acted in good faith. Five minutes after sending the letter, the statement was sent.

Without even Gabriela knowing that she was going to arrive that same day since she was in the middle of a massage session at her beauty center with a client who encouraged her to answer the many calls she was receiving on the phone. “That’s how I found out. Well, nothing happens. What we talked about has been fulfilled and now I hope that all this calms down and they stop questioning me.”Guillén assures me.

That Bertín agrees before the judge does not mean that anything is withdrawn or paralyzed. To begin with, because in less than a week they were scheduled to undergo those DNA tests and at the time of writing, Gabriela had not received an order from the court to cancel that appointment. Therefore, as long as the Prosecutor’s Office that protects the rights of the minor does not say otherwise, the model will attend that test next week with her son and will follow the steps set by the court. Now it is a question of how long the response and the court times take. If Bertín had not rushed to the end, nothing would have been necessary, but since his reaction has been almost in extremis, it will be the Justice who will decide if the process should be finished or the resolution with the paternity of Bertín Osborne’s son should be written on paper. legal.

As expected, this reaction has generated many rumors even It has been said that Gaby and her baby were tested on May 20 in a health center where they went in the car driven by the driver of ‘El Turronero’. Gabriela herself categorically denies that information. and explains that that day she took her son to the emergency room for a urine infection and they had to have some tests done. He also clarifies to me that no one has yet talked about what the child support agreement will be like and what the father will have to take care of. The fact that they now go hand in hand indicates that it is very likely that they will not have to resort to their lawyers to determine certain aspects, but they do want to have everything regulated by law so that compliance is effective and real.

Now we need to know when Bertín will be able to hold his five-month-old son in his arms and for the baby to feel his father’s first hug. That is deep down what Gabriela wants most, who has not hesitated to take her child alone during the pregnancy and these first months, but with the certainty and peace of mind of knowing that her child had a father and that the Law is precisely for these cases.