Malaga continues to have several fronts when it comes to claims from former players, representation agencies or clubs.. They demand amounts and the club, for its part, also has open fronts to claim money that is owed by Villarreal for Ontiveros (4.5 million euros) or the complaint to Jony and Lazio where the 12 million euros are demanded of the clause that the player had at that time before breaking unilaterally to go to the Roman team.

But in the short term, the dismissal by the social court number 4 of Malaga of the complaint filed by Luis Hernández where he requested 4.5 million euros has been received with relief by Malaga. This was recognized by Manolo Gaspar, the club's sports director, in statements made to Canal Sur. “Luis's thing was to commit ourselves to the Bankruptcy Law 100%, it was a stick that we could not undertake. That day we celebrated that we got two new sponsors. Every time they arrive with a new one, we celebrate it ”.

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José María Muñoz, the judicial administrator, was fully aware of the bombshell that losing this lawsuit would have meant. In fact, he had prepared all the steps for the club to take advantage of the Bankruptcy Law because it was no longer just about satisfying money that it does not have. Even more. It would have meant the annulment of the Employment Regulation File (ERE) applied to eight players on the squad, which would have meant that the institutional turnaround would have been as radical as it was fatal for the club, which would have difficulties competing and finishing the season. The court, finally, admitted the dismissal of Luis Hernández as prodecent.

The judicial administrator presents the status of the club's accounts every three months to the head of the 14th Court of Malaga, Maria Ángeles Ruiz. Scrupulous figures where a single comma cannot be missing or left over. In the latest report there is a new claim from Luis Hernández, 110,416.64 euros for non-payment of wages. He also informed the magistrate of the open dispute with BlueBay where he claims 2.6 million euros for sponsorship. There are also complaints from various former players and agents.