Wedding of Victoria Montes Suelves and Jorge Torrente: the Franco and Borbón family meet in Madrid

Despite the rain forecast in the capital, this Saturday has been one of the most special days for Victoria Eugenia Montes Suelves. The church of the Holy Spirit in Madrid welcomed the young woman’s closest relatives and friends to witness her union in marriage with Jorge Torrente Pellón.

María Suelves arrived with a big smile on her face, proud to see her daughter marry the love of her life. She did it wearing a long red dress to match with a cape that covered her arms. Accessories: black shoes and bag of the same color. She came accompanied by Khali El Assir and together greeted the Osorio brothers. The mother of the bride claimed to be very excited and happy before such a special day.

Luis Osorio arrived accompanied by Martina Figo and Blanca Osorio. The children of the Dukes of Alburquerque arrived together, although Blanca lagged behind, remaining outside the shelter of the umbrella. Blanca Suelves assured that she was not nervous but very happy to be a part of her niece’s wedding.

The daughter of María Suelves Figueroa arrived at her wedding accompanied by Claudio Montes, who grabbed her hand to walk together into the church. The bride surprised with a dress with a puffed skirt and a long veil that covered her face. She finished the look with a semi updo with a couple of loose strands in front of her.

After seeing how his sister Victoria said ‘yes, I want’, Juan José Franco confessed that he was very excited and happy for her. He wished the couple that their relationship would last a long time and assured that the whole family has accepted Jorge Torrente as one more. He took the opportunity to ensure that his aunt Carmen is in very good health despite having been away from the media for some time.

Franco and the Bourbons, close relatives

Victoria Eugenia Montes Suelves and her boyfriend, Jorge Torrente Pellón, have reunited María Suelves Figueroa and Claudio Montes, parents of the bride, although they have been separated since the beginning of 2018.

The bride is the niece of Blanca Suelves, aunt of Victoria Eugenia, model and television presenter, or one of her daughters with the Duke of Alburquerque, Blanca Osorio. The bride has arrived with her father at the church in the Madrid municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón where the religious ceremony has taken place, with her face covered by a veil and dressed in a wedding dress with a puffed skirt.

María Suelves has chosen a red dress with a cape that covered the upper part of her body, while her sister Blanca has preferred a flowery dress and a jacket tweed negra.

Victoria Eugenia Montes Suelves is a granddaughter on her mother’s side of the Marquises of Tamarit, Juan Sulves and Victoria Eugenia de Figueroa y Borbón, daughter of the second Count Romanones, and is related to the Franco family. In 1981, María Suelves married the Marquis of Villaverde, Francis Franco, and she had two older children with him, Francisco José and Juan José Franco Suelves, also present at the ceremony this Saturday. The second has attended the wedding accompanied by his boyfriend, Khali El Assir, a friend of Tamará Falcó and daughter of María Fernández Longoria and the Lebanese magnate Abdul Rahman El Assir, divorced years ago.

María Suelves divorced Franco’s grandson in 1992 and rebuilt her life with the Argentine businessman Claudio Montes, father of Victoria Eugenia. The bride was baptized like this in homage to Victoria Eugenia Figueroa y Borbón, who was a cousin of King Juan Carlos.