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“We went to Liverpool because we had to play; as they did not forbid it … “

Gabby Barker



The massive displacement of the fans of the
Atlético de Madrid
Liverpool to witness the return of the Champions League round of 16 at Anfield. Especially in the city of The Beatles, where they are now outraged by the presence of 3,000 mattress fans on its streets, despite the situation in Spain.

It must be remembered that there was no prohibition then to travel to England and from the government only fans were recommended not to travel, but they did it on Tuesday night, when many of these fans were already in Liverpool, a city where there was no fear of the coronavirus in those days, in which there was even joking about it in the streets and in the pubs.

The fact is that now Liverpool cries out. There is clear outrage in the press and among some citizens now that cases have skyrocketed in the British country. It does not take into account that almost 15 days ago. Even the mayor, Joe Anderson, at Liverpool Echo, admitted the mistake: “The Spanish club traveled to Anfield for a Champions League match on March 11, and thousands of their supporters joined them on the trip to Liverpool. At that time, Madrid was already experiencing an acute outbreak of coronavirus and the Atlético de Madrid he had been ordered to play matches on his own ground behind closed doors. Many questioned the decision at the time, but UEFA and the UK government did not impose any restrictions so that the party developed normally ”, he indicated.

Cerezo's words

Well, this Thursday, Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético de Madrid, has been asked about this matter in Radio Brand. And the mattress leader has been clear, although he did not want to enter into controversy. “We went to Liverpool because we had to play there, and since they did not prohibit it, we had to play there. If they told us we didn't have to go, we wouldn't have gone, ”Cerezo said.

Gabby is someone who is interested in all types of sports, she loves to attend watching matches live. Whenever there is a match being played in her city, she makes sure to get the tickets in advance. Due to the love for sports, she joined Sportsfinding, and started writing general sports news. Apart from writing the news, she is also the editor for the website who checks and edits every news content before they go live.

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