We know the outrageous amount that María José Suárez will receive for giving Escassi her reply on De Viernes

Yes, we know: it’s a huge figure. A little over 100,000 euros. But we have confirmed it. This is what the former Miss Spain has asked for in order to tell her version of the summer break-up, the end of her relationship with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi. Maria Jose Suarez She is aware that her abrupt farewell to the rider she was crazy about until three weeks ago is livening up this month of July, making us forget about Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy. We are told that since she is suffering so much she wants to make the most of it. And it seems that she is not wrong because we are 100% confirmed that María José will be in From Friday and that no one can take away the six figures.

And all for telling her story, which by the way is very different from the one Escassi told in her first interview on Mediaset. “Of course I will talk because today I found out that he had an open relationship. He knows perfectly well that that is a lie. What a disgraceful character,” she wrote on social media in response to the flood of comments from her followers asking her not to remain silent.

Alvaro assured on the set of Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta that the model and he, who have been together for three years, had an open relationship and that in fact during all this time they have experienced many ups and downs in their love story. And this is something that has bothered the ex of Feliciano Lopez“She is not willing to let people think that she is a spoiled brat and that she also had other things going on with Álvaro because that is not the case. And she also does it for her family: her son, her mother and her sisters, who treated Álvaro like one of them.”

Compromising recordings

But what worries María José the most and could lead her to take Escassi to court is the existence of compromising recordings that she did not even know existed: “She is terrified by the possibility that someone other than them could see this. She is terrified,” they tell us. For all this, and because this scandal It could greatly affect her image and therefore her work, the model has decided to sit down on the program and tell her version. It is true that in these days she has been showered with offers from the four magazines but none of them paid her what she wanted. DeViernes. Telecinco is betting on this format and the truth is that they pay very, very well. “It is their only chance to compete with Antena 3.”