There’s nothing better to brighten up a rainy day than French fries. bethlehem esteban. This Thursday, November 17, we have taken out the umbrella and we have gone to have an aperitif with the princess of the town (and of the gazpachos), who could not be happier in the facet of her successful businesswoman.

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The collaborator of Save me She has told us about her feelings in the business world as the owner of Sabores de la Esteban, her desire to progress in this world and also her program, Jorge Javier Vazquez and of Paul Vasily, who has ceased to be the CEO of Mediaset after the serious audience crisis that the Fuencarral chain is dragging. Belén only has words of gratitude for the Italian.

The Telecinco gathering, accompanied by her husband, michael marcos, in this appetizer for Madrid, has also told us about the latest events in the city. This Sunday, toilets and defenders of public health protested against Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the president of the Community, in a massive march. Belén is sympathetic to the Popular Party’s politics, although he does not agree with certain measures.

Question: What do your potatoes have that the rest don’t?

Belen: “They are homemade potatoes, usual potatoes. We have the churrería ones that are to die for and now we are going to get country potatoes and ham ones. I encourage everyone to buy them for the World Cup. They cannot be missing at home.”

How’s the rehab and your leg going?

Little by little, there we are taking it. I still have until April, but hey. You have to push forward and you have to be strong. I get X-rays every month, but I’m happy.

How about your facet as a businesswoman? fear of the end Save me after the departure of Paolo Vasile?

I combine my business and Save me. the day it ends Save me I will finish them off.

Have you considered migrating to another program?

No, for now I’m fine where I am.

You have received criticism for your work on the show. Some viewers say that you are not the same anymore, although you are already used to negative comments. How do you wear them?

Save me It is a program that has always been like this. But we have been 13 years and what we have left.

How about after Vasile’s departure?

I’m going to miss him because I love him very much. He has always behaved very well with me. Always.

We have seen on Instagram your plea for Public Health, which has arrived after the demonstration in Madrid.

It seems very good to me, but hopefully the demonstrations are worth something. Much applause in the pandemic, but have we already forgotten? Many Princess of Asturias medals, but have we already forgotten all that? I am with the Health and what I do not want is to go to an outpatient clinic and have it closed. [Los sanitarios] They are demonstrating, the poor… So there are things that I have believed in Ayuso, right now I am not with her and I want her to help and I want her to see things.

So do you still trust her?

That is what I hope, I trust.

Speaking of politics, it was rumored that Jorge Javier Vázquez could run for mayor of Madrid for the PSOE, although he himself denied it. Would you like to be mayor?

George said no. I think he has to dedicate himself to what he does, that he knows a lot, for me he is the best and politics gives you a lot of problems.

Going back to the topic of Save me, Jorge has confessed that if the program ends he would like to live in another country to go unnoticed for a while. What plans do you have in case this happens?

Normal, I understand… It’s been many years, but me, my company, my family, to be calm… Above all that, calm.