The coach of Spanish, Vicente Morenoassured after the thrashing suffered by his team against Villarreal (5-1) that his team hadn’t done “anything right” in the game.

“What is clear is that Villarreal has been well above it. The previous results may have made us wrong, it may be that we have not come out to the fullest and if you add the gifts to that, it is already impossible. We must be closer, they They are a good team, but we must be closer,” Moreno told the media.

“If you want to win you can’t give away like we have done. There are many things, the only thing left to think about is Getafe. Today we haven’t done anything right. To win here you must have a very high level and not have those mistakes. We are aware of what It supposes a result like this. As I have said, we only have to apologize to the people who have come and we have given them a dislike,” he added.

Along the same lines, the Valencian coach assured that “little can be said about this match, because while in the two previous matches we did things well, today we were not there and with these teams it is very complicated, we are going to look at those previous matches and improve today”.

“Now we are going to think about the Getafe game and look for a victory that gives us more peace of mind. We were excited for the people who came and we have not been up to the task. We have to apologize. And if you come to this field and you are not here, what happened happens to you. There are many questions, we have to prepare for the next game: what we have to do is win games”, he concluded Vincent Moreno.

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