Barça will enter a new dimension next week. At least one economic lever will be activated before the 30th, when the 2021-22 financial year closes, and on July 1 the agreement with Spotify will come into force, a real incentive for the institution given that the club will be allied with a fresh, young brand that is associated with the attractive world of music. But apart from those impacts, we must start moving the tree of inputs and outputs because time is upon us. Yes, there are more than two months until the market closes, but the preseason starts in just one week. Players who want a change of scenery are in a hurry, as is the case with Raphinha, who, apart from Barça, is being tempted by Arsenal. With Dembélé You have to decide now because the sainete tires.

The new faces of Kessie y Christensen have not yet been seen and what seemed easy with Azpilicueta still does not close, same as with Marcos. While, De Jong continues to resist United’s attacks and Barça’s little-disguised desire for him to leave, with Bernardo attentive. Nor is Lewandowski imminent and Koundéboth priorities for Xavi. With departures, the same: only gone Jutglà. The technician needs the new ones to arrive and for ballast to be released. Difficult matches await on tour and a bad start to a busy season until the World Cup would be a disaster. On the positive side, the futsal boys won the League yesterday showing that they are the best at a national and European level. Congratulations.