Assessment of the encounter. “The game we knew was going to be played was played. A direct Burgos, which accumulates well people inside and is vertical, with lateral centers and direct football. The reality is that we need a lot more forcefulness, aggressiveness. Compete in a real match. Burgos was just the winner. Very superior at all times ”.

What happens to Málaga when they play away from home?: “To win a game you need to win duels, be aggressive in both areas and the reality is that we have not won any. We have been missing from the party. And it cannot be allowed. We must all make self-criticism ”.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

A message for fans displaced to Burgos?: “We have been on a roller coaster since day one, exciting and disappointing and that cannot be allowed. And to the fans who have come, ask their forgiveness because they have seen a very bad game for their team. I need to see it from the calm and the pause to draw conclusions, but this is very far from what I like and what I want to see from my team ”.

Low temperatures “There are no excuses. The team has to come and compete, stand up. From the first goal we are missing. Not low, not cold. The cold is for both teams and the field was spectacular to play ”.

Next outing in the Copa del Rey against Peña Sport. “At the moment we have to get enough readings of today’s game and make self-criticism, and when we do that we will think about the game on Thursday.”