Espanyol “gave away two goals” and lost “a golden opportunity.” It is clear to Vicente Moreno, who appeared after that exercise of impotence that his team practiced for 90 minutes in which he was not able to tear down the Elche wall. A gray encounter, “without excuses”, which prevents the Blue and White team from approaching the leading positions. The Valencia coach gave his point of view of a “hard day”.

“We entered the game well, but five minutes into his first long ball we had a series of errors. And that gave goal options. We gave him two goals in 15 minutes. And that makes the meeting difficult for us. We had moments of nerves, we rebuilt ourselves, we found the draw in the field of play and that penalty. We look for it and we try everything. We have 13 corners and they have none. They didn’t find much else, “he summed up in one go.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

Moreno insisted on that idea of ​​meeting, in which Espanyol “tried”, Elche “defended themselves” and “did not play for too long.” To all this are added two determining factors. The first one, “the lack of forcefulness” of the team. A reflection is the set pieces, where this time the blue and white team was not successful: “We had many and we were not successful. We were not fine,” he reiterated.

The coach also referred to the debut of goalkeeper Joan García, who replaced Diego López, who was absent due to illness. The goalkeeper failed at 0-2, an out-of-time start that Pere Milla took advantage of to put his head in. Moreno was condescending with the young goal: “Joan’s action is a shame. It can happen, you do not have an accumulation of games. If we remove that, the rest has been good and has given security. They are accidents that unfortunately happen. We must congratulate him on the debut and give him support. responsibility is more mine “.