Do you see steps forward after the draw at the Camp Nou? “The team was quite good against Barcelona and continues to improve day by day in the absence of results. Every day I see steps forward. Yes it is true that at the Camp Nou we saw a facet that we had to improve because we were receiving most of the times in moments of low block or medium block. And we were working. We improved considerably because everything we had done during the week appeared. All the approach that we did and that his coach (Koeman) explained clearly at a press conference that it was to leave him the bands and play to defend ourselves in the center lane which is where I think we are strong and where they have a lack in centers and shots as seen saw. That last minute … I see the glass half full. We lack the results, that is evidence. Unemployment will arrive. Tomorrow the first.

After Celta's victory against Levante, Granada faces the day in relegation position. “We didn't even know we were on the decline. It is not important for the preparation of the game or to win it. It is anecdotal that on matchday five, without having finished, that is valued. If it were day 38 we would have to worry. It is not the case and it does not help us with the preparation. We don't give it any value ”.

Granada Coat of Arms / Flag

How is Granada this Thursday going to be like last Monday?? “We are going to continue growing in that deficiency that we had detected in having the block too far apart in both depth and breadth. In that it will be alike. We are going to try to generate more chances than the other day, which were three and one goal. A good percentage although not as good as last year. That is going to be the line. Try to stop more prominence with the ball and win ”.

Five points have been lost in the last minutes against Valencia, Betis and Barcelona. “Working on it is very difficult because there is no possibility of putting yourself in a context similar to that of reaching the last minute of a game. Players try to improve it. It is football and these unfortunate circumstances are occurring and that play occurred in which they had two center-backs and a center-forward trying to finish in the area. The Betis and Valencia were different situations if you analyze them in the details ”.

Players touched. “Eteki. We will check its status. Abram and Escudero were overloads and they are already well ”.

Praise to the Royal Society. “It is a mirror in which to look at yourself. They have a very good squad and they can still make a very competitive eleven despite the casualties. It would be delusional to think that that's why it's going to be easier. It is a team from Europe that plays three competitions. He proposes something similar to what Barcelona does. It is one of the best teams in LaLiga at this start. He has only conceded four goals and all were at the Camp Nou, since then none. He is working very defensively and plays at a very high pace, with very defined movements but difficult to defend. It will force us to have a defensive attention equal to or greater than that of the Camp Nou and we must be even more efficient in the occasions that we can generate, trying to harm the weak points that, like all teams, have ”.

Signs of identity. “We ask for that solidarity, which is something that I have always highlighted as one of the pillars of the team in recent years together with its combative spirit and feeling like possible winners in any field. It is what was seen and we will try to apply. That team spirit was also seen in the rest of the games except against Rayo ”, when in his opinion they all failed, including me. The one from Valencia escaped us due to a fortuitous action that ended in a penalty but also saw himself against Villarreal, a great rival, and in the second half with Betis

Rotations. “There will be everything against Real Sociedad. We have very little recovery time and we won't have the 72 hours that players need to do it 100%. We will have to see how they train this afternoon, that is why we moved the training; in the morning fourteen players came to be treated. Based on how they are, we will decide; also depending on the approach of the party and what the rival proposes “

Premiere of Escudero. “He performed at a good level and gave an assist. After playing for so long, he accumulated fatigue and did not feel 100% to continue. He was honest and told us. He is going to give us experience and quality after so many years at Sevilla at the first level; we are happy with it.

Luis Milla. “I saw him very well. It was quite successful. It is a position that benefits him due to his style of play and gives us alternatives together with Max (Gonalons) or Isma (Ruiz). They are resources for the coach and I am delighted that the players can help in various positions.

Regarding his desire to train Barça one day, he qualified a few words where he said that “he would go there on his knees”. This was his explanation. “I would go there if I was without a team; right now I am here. When you are sincere and say what you feel it can be misinterpreted, but I think it is evidence. Everyone has the club of their life and Barça is mine; It is the team of my city, I was born next to the stadium and I trained as a coach there. You can understand that it is a dream for me, knowing that it is very difficult and previously I need to earn it, like here, doing my best. I have registered in Granada and I have come with my family, I feel very integrated and I work all the hours it takes and more. If you want to hurt yourself with that, it's easy to do it, but I always try to be honest and say what I feel, knowing that there may be those who might hurt. “