Elizegi has made an assessment of the Extraordinary Assembly held yesterday in San Mamés. The delegates approved the accounts of last season and the budget of the current one, but rejected the management of the Board in the 2019-20 campaign. “We cannot renounce our speech and project and we dream of seeing an Athletic champion”, said the president, who wanted to value the fact of having carried out the Assembly online and in San Mamés. The leader wants it to always be held at the rojiblanco stadium.

The chef has also stated that while he directs the Ibaigane entity, he will separate the points of management and accounts in the assemblies, a decision that was applauded by several delegates. “We believed that separating the three points was a good step to work on. This is how it will be while we are in Ibaigane ”, he stated.

What is your reading of the Assembly? “We must draw conclusions from constructive criticism, it will help us in the management of two very complex seasons. We have not been able to transmit our efforts to the partners, but our accounts are endorsed by external organizations and by our partners. We are facing a difficult season, in which we are losing hope of seeing the public. We do not give up defending the management in October. We make complex decisions, which can be improved, but not the effort of this Board. But this is not an excuse, the management has not reached our delegates ”, he acknowledged.

Elizegi He has stated that he remains with the positive part of the Assembly. “He taught us many things. We saw room for improvement, but we also saw the confidence that the partners gave us to continue governing. We put a stone back so that when this scenario ends we will once again be a competitive team. Some rivals lose because Athletic is still united. The squad already has two titles, the Super Cup and has also won that of solidarity, two titles that these captains and this squad can save ”, he said in reference to the salary cut that the players have accepted, the second in ten months.

The ‘no of the Assembly to the management of the course“ obliges a lot ”to the directive. “When a capable organ evaluates you and says that you haven't done enough, you have to rethink what we have done. We review the club model and budget every 30 days. We get scenarios that we did not contemplate, but it is not enough. We have the obligation to ask for the trust of the partners again ”, said the president.

Elizegi has described as the best of the Assembly “to believe in this club and its governing bodies.” “Athletic is admired for its capacity for agreement and governance and for continuing with a strong project. It is what the rivals see. We are going to continue working in this direction ”. And on the negative plane of the meeting of delegate members, he has cited the thick tone used by some representative of the social mass: “I would not mix the word Athletic with an adjective that does not deserve. You have to use a language of respect. We have to speak for all of them from the worst difference, especially from respect ”.


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