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“We are optimistic about the return in Anduva”

Gabby Barker



Zubeldia yesterday he was one of the best players in the box txuri urdin. The azkoitiarra stressed that “it is obvious that we have not played our best game, we could not make our game but thankfully we won because otherwise I do not know how we would all be,” he said Zubeldia So much pessimism. He understands that “the advantage may be sufficient although it is quite short,” he said.

The Gipuzkoa is looking forward to the return: “We are optimistic about the match in Anduva, it will be difficult because they are very strong at home but we have shown that we can also win outside, as we demonstrated in the Bernabéu,” he recalled.

Zubeldia understand that yesterday in Anoeta They met “a great rival, we were not surprised at all how they went to the field because we had studied them.” The midfielder, like the rest of the fans, was left “wanting more”. I don't know how to forget about the historic reception: “I personally had never experienced anything like this before a game and I got goosebumps watching how they yelled at us and cheered us up. It was a brutal feeling, ”he smiled, reminding him.

In this strange bittersweet feeling after the short 2-1, Zubeldia He recalled that “without the fans we are nothing, surely they will encourage us in the same way and that they have to be clear that it is a plus for us and we appreciate it,” he said.

Del Mirandés stressed that “so much Jon how Martin We know that players are, they have a lot of quality and they are having a great season, what is happening to them is very deserved and hopefully they will continue to grow ”. Of course, in the field and especially on the return there are no friends: “I hope they do not have their best day,” he said.

It is set to 100

Yes Igor
Zubeldia he plays in Ipurua next Sunday against Eibar will play his 100th match with the Real shirt, something “unthinkable at my age,” he said. The azkoitiarra was “very happy and proud of that round figure, I never thought I could reach 100 games so soon,” he took pride. He hopes that “it is the beginning of many more because I am very happy in the Real”.

From the league match it is clear that Eibar is a team “very strong and solid although we know what we have to do in order to win”. Of course, it has a fire engraving that “since they ascended we have not been able to win there,” he recalled.

Gabby is someone who is interested in all types of sports, she loves to attend watching matches live. Whenever there is a match being played in her city, she makes sure to get the tickets in advance. Due to the love for sports, she joined Sportsfinding, and started writing general sports news. Apart from writing the news, she is also the editor for the website who checks and edits every news content before they go live.

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