Was Encarna Navarro with Bertín Osborne when he was still married to Fabiola?

The name of Bertin Osborne He appears in the headlines almost daily and not because he has released an album or because his television program works, which by the way was a ratings disaster in its last installments. The ‘Bertín Case’ began with the news of the pregnancy of Gabriela Guillén, which put Bertín in the spotlight and caused a great stir for becoming a father again as well as a grandfather (one of his daughters is expecting a baby).

Weeks later, his relationship with a well-known singer and former triumph came to light, with whom he has shared the stage: Incarnate Navarro. After talking a lot about what may or may not have been between them, she sat down on the set of ‘Fiesta’ to tell the whole truth about her story.

The first thing she wanted to make clear is that she She does not consider herself a lover of Bertín Osborne although he has confirmed that they had a relationship over time. She seemed totally offended at having received that label from the press, arguing that “everyone has drawn conclusions.” She recalled that her meetings had taken place intermittently and that she, at all times, was single (unlike the presenter).

Despite resenting Bertín after he denied even knowing her, even when there are images of their last concert together last summer, she couldn’t help but defend what a good person the 68-year-old singer is. She made it clear that she has always received very good treatment from her and took the opportunity to emphasize that she does not want this matter to harm her professional career, which is what she is currently dedicated to.

She acknowledged that she has not spoken to him recently since she denied knowing him and she does not intend to initiate the conversation although she recognizes that it would be necessary for there to be a private conversation. She denied having been in love with Bertín and he spoke openly about the singer’s power to make his colleagues fall in love with him: “when you interact with Bertín, you have to have a very cool head because you know that you can fall in love with him because he is very fond of him,” he said live.

Despite what has happened in recent weeks, it is clear that Encarna Navarro has very good memories of Bertín and did not want to harm him in her first television interview since his story grabbed the headlines.