If a wish has been made by the agencies that fight against the cybercrime by 2022 is that online crime will cease. Something that, at the moment it seems that it does not stop and continues in constant wave as seen in the last year. In addition, in the style of the past 365 days, one of the most repeated frauds comes with the attempted impersonation of banking entities.

Ibercaja and Liberbank They have been the first two large companies that bring together thousands of bank accounts in Spain to undergo attempts to phishing to get hold of the most compromised data from your customers. This has been detected by the cybersecurity company Eset and This is how the entities themselves have been able to verify it.

Cyberattacks that occurred frequently against CaixaBank last year as a result of its merger with Bankia. And the key to these attacks is to try to to create confusion in clients to, taking advantage of their confusion, obtain relevant information to get money or blackmail.

This is how the emails that supplant Ibercaja and Liberbank are

Thus, this time both Ibercaja and Liberbank have seen how some of their clients denounce the arrival of emails where it is reported that accounts have problems or are suspended and, therefore, confidential data must be provided to solve it. Posing as both entities, so logos and similar appearances appear to those they use in their emails, ESET asks to be especially careful these days.

Since once the attached links are clicked and the requested information is reported, cybercriminals already have accessibility to user accounts and, as such, they can divert money. A phenomenon more than compromised in these dates of great expenses and that can leave a serious displeasure of the beginning of 2022 to users.

Not relying on these types of messages is the best protection against cyberattacks

For this reason, both the police, institutions and entities remember that these types of problems do not usually occur, much less communicate in this simple way by email. In addition, you are encouraged to report or review any suspicious messages, in order to try to put an end to a network of cyberattacks that is only growing in line with advances in technology.

These are the cases in which the bank can block your account