Brown sooner or later he will become coach of Spanish for the next three seasons, but it still isn't. The forecasts pointed out that during the day of this Friday his arrival to Cornellà-El Prat, but it was not like that. When it seemed that at last the three parties involved, condemned to understand each other, had reached a point that pleased all of them, the property of the Majorca He gave a new tug of the helm in regard to his wills. And with this, a small step was taken back in a process by which Espanyolism begins to grow impatient, aware of the need to close and the arrival of the new coach. Until this happens, there will be no official entries and exits with respect to the current squad, even if there are more than just movements.

At this point, it should be pointed out that the problem at this time is caused by the structural peculiarities of the problem itself. Majorca. The leaders of the vermillion team present in Palma had already given their 'OK' to the operation after reaching a compensatory figure slightly above 400,000 euros, but the part of the property that is in the United States does not agree with it.. Specifically, because he wants about 200,000 euros more, and not even the Spanish not his own Vicente Moreno they are willing to take them on. The blue and white team because they consider that with the contract that they offer to the Valencian, they have already put all the meat they had to put on the grill, and the coach because he has also made an effort forgiving some payments that are owed to him. This is the way this chess game is right now, to which a Andoni Iraola that last Thursday he was already present in Palma finalizing the details of his contract as successor to Vicente Moreno on the bench of the Majorca. The Valencian is going to be the new coach of Spanish. When they leave you.

Parallel to everything discussed in the offices, work continues on other matters. Regarding arrivals, only those pending are from the official approval of the new coach. Fran Mérida and Keidi Bare. The first with the letter of freedom after leaving Osasuna and the second from Malaga for about 2 ’kilos’. And as for exits, Goatherd he will go to Benfica if his initial offer of 10 kilos goes up and he approaches the 15 that Espanyol wants, from Valladolid they recognize the interest in Darder and Raúl De Tomás it only accumulates ‘girlfriends’.

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