Vrsaljko: “I am convinced that I will continue at Atlético”

Sime Vrsaljko already sees the light at the end of the tunnel. After a complicated year and a half, in which He has barely been able to play since he was injured during his assignment at Inter Milan, faces this course with great enthusiasm. He has joined the rojiblanca preseason after attending the call of his selection (Although he did not get to play and returned before the second match of the Latinos League was played). Your goal is gain a foothold in the squad despite the fact that his position, that of right back, is overbooked with the presence of Trippier, Arias and the Balkan, and one of them must leave.

During your stay in Croatia, Vrsaljko spoke to the media ‘Sportske novosti’About how he sees the team this season, his feelings and his coach, Simeone. On the first question, he thinks that “Atlético will fight for all the trophies of the season as corresponds to such a great club”. Regarding how he sees himself in the team and the possibilities of remaining in the squad, Vrsaljko affirms that “I did not follow what the media said, in Zadar I tried to rest well and recharge my batteries with my family then I could dedicate myself fully to the season and all the challenges that were coming. Regarding my situation, I have to admit that I am very satisfied since I returned from Milan to Madrid. “

He also had time to talk about his technician. “Simeone is one of the best coaches in the world, Needless to say. Every coach has good and bad phases in the eyes of the public, the media, and much, determines the current result. But is the culprit of the great advance of Atlético de Madrid And when someone has been in a story for a long time that is always very dynamic and changing in football, it is quite logical that there are good and less good times. For me, paved a way and brought to the club a story after which nothing can be the same as before. I said it when I went from Atlético to Inter, and I repeat it now, because those are the facts ”.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Finally, Vrsaljko explained the idea that he thinks Simeone has of him and assured that “I have the impression that the coach sees me differently, as if he trusts me more and I recognized those things that were probably expected when Atlético brought me from Sassuolo. We had very good and honest conversations and simply as a player you feel that the coach still gives you more confidence than before. If Simeone sees me in his plans, it is a confirmation of my worth. Of course, I was happy to read your praise in the media, but I am aware that each new beginning of the season means a new fight for positions and you have to prove it. I am ready for it and I am convinced that I will be part of Atlético, which is also indicated by my contract, which lasts until 2022 ”.