The right side is a demarcation that the Atletico Madrid will reinforce yes or yes in this summer market. The question is knowing if it will be with one player or with two. And it all depends on Sime Vrsaljko. The Croatian, whose contract is ending, has a renewal offer on the table from the rojiblanco club.

He has not yet answered, and this conditions the plans of the sports management for next season. If he renews, Atlético will launch himself on the market for a side. If not, go for two, since Daniel Wass barely counted for Diego Simeoneand everything indicates that it will leave the entity in the coming weeks.

Vrsaljko has a proposal to extend his bond with Atlético for a campaign. And also down. He has been offered to continue, but not at any price. And the player is thinking about it. He is comfortable in Madrid, but at 30 years old, an offer that guarantees him more years would be ideal for him.

Atlético manages several names to reinforce that demarcation. The Argentinian Nahuel Molina, from Udinese, Simeone likes him a lot, but he’s not the only one. and he is too Paul Maffeo although in his case, his arrival would be attempted in the event that Vrsaljko do not continue in the Metropolitan.

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The Catalan already belongs to Mallorca, which has activated the purchase option it had for 3.5 million in case the Balearic team managed to stay in the First Division. Stuttgart was his club until now. Atlético already knows the conditions that they would pose on the island, where they know that they can make money with the footballer, and that they are around ten million euros, an amount that the rojiblancos will not reach, which, in addition to lowering it, could put a footballer in the operation.

They also know in the Metropolitan that the predisposition of one of the sides that have stood out the most in LaLiga would be total to enter the mattress ranks. He is greatly seduced by the possibility of putting himself under the orders of Simeonea coach who likes the qualities of the Catalan.

But as we say, everything goes through Vrsaljko. If he renews, Atlético will go for an important side (it’s the idea). If not, go for that same profile… plus a player like Pablo Maffeo. Next week, news is expected regarding the Croatian, who they hope will not delay the situation for long.

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