Vivas obtains an exceptional authorization to act as second to Simeone

Atlético had a problem since Nelson Vivas does not meet the requirements to act as second coach in Spain (or as first) because the regulations say that the second must have the same qualification as the first, in this case Simeone (UEFA PRO). For this he should have practiced for five seasons in Argentina when he was in Quilmes (2013), Student (2015-2017) and Defensa y Justicia (2017).

In the mattress entity there was concern since if Simeone was expelled they would not be able to count on Vivas … Then, Atleti made a request to the Technical Committee of Coaches and they granted an exceptional authorization so that the license of Vivas is linked for the moment to that of Simeone. This was already done with an assistant from Sampaoli when he was at Sevilla and with another assistant from the Turkish Antonio Mohamed. Although it is by no means a very common resource.

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Vivas, who is now confined, has also been key in the arrival of Bonvicini, who was Juan Sebastián Verón's coach in the Brandsen Association (2012). Later, La Brujita counted on him in its technical staff of the Estudiantes de La Plata youth team once he concluded his successful career as a soccer player.