Gone are the times when Vinicius generated suspicions for his way of managing the ball in the last third of the rival field. The so sweet state of Vini he draws his companions like honey to flies. At Mestalla and against Mallorca, the Brazilian ‘turned’ the field towards the left wing, his. He was the Real Madrid player without counting the defenders who received the most passes from his teammates in those two games. In total 92 times they looked for him.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Valencia began to generate the trend. There they gave him the ball 53 times, three more than those received by the next one, Modric, who in addition to being a midfielder (they usually touch the ball more than the rest) has the mission of being the organizer, so the order is to give him the spherical.

Vinicius's heat map during his match at Mestalla, where he scored again.

But what Vini absorb so much play is significant. One example suffices. Modric himself looked more at the international of the canarinha (seven passes) than to Valverde and Benzema (five each). Much has had to do with the escalation in the scoring effectiveness of the twenty White. He continues to turn almost every attempt he makes into gold: there are five goals this year in just 12 shots at the opponent's goal and we are still in September …

Well stocked

One of those goals was at Mestalla, where Vini monopolized the offensive part of the left profile. Nacho, three emergency, he worried about feeding him with balls. The Complutense gave him 14 passes, the most prolific connection between two Ancelotti players in the 1-2 at Valencia. Against Mallorca, Vinicius's great partners were Valverde and Miguel Gutierrez, which they supplied alone with half (21) of the 42 passes that the Brazilian received. He did not score with them, but he did attend and left images that lifted the Bernabéu …

Vinicius's graphic this season.

A scenario that makes things difficult for Hazard to recover the sinister gang from the attack. In Mestalla his coach accommodated him behind Benzema, but if he does not maintain a regularity against the goal (scoring or assisting) and more with the eruption of Asensio against Mallorca, as Carletto return to 4-3-3 the sacrificed will be the Belgian. Vinicius is, as Ancelotti says, “plugged in” and he is dragging the whole team with him. To the left.