Villarreal sign Jorge Cuenca, a bet for the future

Villarreal is closing the signing of the young central defender of Barcelona Jorge Cuenca, as a bet with a great future for the people of Castellón. Initially, the operation would be closed as a transfer, although the Catalan team would be left with a purchase option throughout his period in the La Plana team. An operation of which no data has been released, but which this newspaper has been able to know, it would be closing at an amount between two or three million euros.

Cuenca comes to Villarreal as a clear long-term and future bet, since would sign for the next five seasons, although his presence in the first team this year is not assured.

Initially The idea is that the footballer trains and works under Unai Emery, and that it is the coach who decides if he has his services for this course. If so, he would continue at the club, with the idea of ​​fighting to be able to have minutes throughout the season.

If Emery did not enter into Emery's plans for this year, as his position was with players such as Pau Torres or Funes Mori, the idea would be to a possible transfer to the first or second division. A possibility, that of the second division, which would be possible right now, as the player has many offers in this category.

It should be noted that Villarreal has been quick in this movement, since Cuenca is right now a player with a lot of market, and once the option of leaving Barcelona was open, the people of Castellón were the first to make a move.