In the month of the penalty, Madrid lost two points in La Cerámica. A few laps from the end he ran out of gasoline and a revitalized Villarreal in the refueling of the changes gave him scope from eleven meters. In the end he ended up celebrating the tie against the yellow rush. For the statistics was Mariano's goal. Maybe it will serve to have your life sentence reviewed.

Attacked by viruses, FIFA and the planetarium, ZidanHe pulled what was left of him, Mariano included. The Catalan has spent a year and a half in the storage room and his inclusion in the eleven well portrayed the state of exception with which Madrid arrived in Vila-real, a walled square. Turned out. Lucas Vázquez advanced his position on the right wing, through which many pass and none remains, to escort Carvajal, forced to play from the start after being stopped since September. And Zidane de Hazard also used, until now a Chinese vase, who spliced ​​muscle injury and coronavirus while repeating first in Madrid. He showed no progress. Nacho was seen, injured in the Classic and urgently recruited into an invertebrate team: Ramos, Casemiro and Benzema, his column, stayed in Madrid.

One lung and two brains

At the other end was Villarreal, which at the last minute was left without its top scorer, Alcácer, but He arrived healthy and happy, with impeccable staff and morale and well instructed by Emery. The defeat, the only one in the course, at the Camp Nou has made him appreciate Iborra, that last frontier that Madrid lacked without Casemiro. One lung and two brains, Trigueros and Parejo, who did not bring all their science to the area.

The match started in the opposite direction to expectations: with a goal from Madrid in another of those microscope plays. Carvajal advanced down the right and tried a pass to Lucas Vázquez. Pedraza intercepted him and the line raised the flag hastily marking a positional offside of the Galician, who was moving behind the side. Hernández Hernández probably understood that a hand from Pedraza was marking him and gave the law of advantage. With Villarreal paralyzed by the raised arm of the line, which is a consultative and non-executive figure, Carvajal sent a second center and Mariano took him to the marker with an accurate header. That goal will haunt Zidane for a while in the press rooms. That goal will deserve a review of the regulations in the yellow dressing room.

Modric, specimen

From there, Madrid became a worker, aware that in front there was an enemy of volume, technical but not rhetorical, full of footballers of good foot, although not so much of finishers. Without its most universal players (Ramos and Benzema), Coral Madrid was taming Villarreal from the maneuverability of its three midfielders. Kroos stopped, Odegaard tempered and Modric commanded. The exemplary Croatian deserves a renewal. Y the game was lost in that battle, without a single shot on goal before the break and without any event to narrate in the areas, beyond that whirlwind fight of Mariano, in bullfighting mode. What Jovic does not have.

That calmed did not go to Villarreal and Emery increased the displacement (Estupiñán, Chukwueze and Yeremi) on the flanks and put Gerard Moreno, who missed a goal in a failed heads-up against Courtois, on point. Half Madrid paid for the saturation of matches; the other means, the B, the long inactivity. That's why Isco and Vinicius came in. That's why Hazard left, who continues to accumulate late games. But they could not stop the storm of the Submarine, whose torpedoes lacked aim. In any case, Chukwueze and Estupiñán made the game long for Madrid, especially the Nigerian, who was knocked down by Courtois on the equalizer penalty, transformed by Gerard Moreno.

A fresher Villarreal with better spare parts attacked and attacked until the end, aware that it would be difficult to find a Madrid so patched up again. And Kubo had the triumph. A goal of his would have been a joke.

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