Villarreal has achieved this Wednesday a very important victory against the Swiss Young Boys that keeps him alive in the Champions League. After having added only one point in the first two European days, Life was going to the Submarine today and he needed win yes or yes and did not fail. He re-engages in the Champions League.

He won by a resounding 1-4 against a Young Boys who gave a lot of war against him and he deserved more goals, but those of Emery They knew how to suffer and endure the local onslaught like wild boars, highlighting the work of meta Rulli, providential in the second part. And most importantly, they exhibited a brutal effectiveness in front of goal as they had five very clear chances and scored four goals. ANDeremy, Gerard Moreno, Alberto Moreno and Chukwueze they signed the vital triumph.


Young Boys – Villarreal, the best images


The local eleven started strong but Villarreal gave the first blow on the first approach they had. A chopped center in Pedraza was finished off in luxury by Yeremi Pino, who turned 19 today and celebrated it in the best way. The local team kept biting but before the first quarter, the Submarine hit hard again. Parejo served a foul with precision and Gerard Moreno headed to the back of the net putting the 0-2.

It seemed that a placid duel was coming and that it would be sewing and singing for the yellow ones. Nothing is further from reality because the Young Boys got the sixth on the counter. Ulises (24 ‘) had the tie but his header was narrowly missed, as Fassnach (26 ‘), although the clearest chance was a shot from Aebischer who spat the crossbar (30 ‘). Siebactchu also had it without luck. He squeezed the Young with everything, hammering with speed by the extremes, but they lacked defining with precision. It was 0-2 at halftime.

In the resumption Villarreal tried to temper the game, to get the ball because he was not interested in a round-trip duel, dizzying as the locals proposed. At 51 ‘the crossbar spat a nice shot from Pedraza, but from here on the occasions, very clear, were local.

Villarreal knows how to suffer and tie a vital victory




Young Boys: Von Ballmoos (2), Ngamaley (3), Lauper (2), Camara (3), Lefort (2) (Hefti (2), m.61), Ulises García (3), Pereira (2) ( Rieder (2), m.71), Aebischer (3), Fassnacht (3) (Mambimbi (2), m.90), Elia (3) y Siebatchu (2) (Kanga (2), m.71).
Villarreal: Rulli (4), Foyth (2), Albiol (2) (Mandi (2), m.83), Pau Torres (2), Pedraza (3), Capoue (2), Parejo (2), Coquelin ( 2) (Alberto Moreno (3), m.69), Yeremy Pino (3) (Chukwueze (3), m.90), Gerard Moreno (3) and Danjuma (2) (Moi Gómez (2), m.90 )
Goals: 0-1, m.6: Yeremy Pino. 0.2, m.16: Gerard Moreno. 1-2, m.76: Elia. 1-3, m.89, Alberto Moreno. 1-4, m.90 + 2: Chuwueze.
Referee: Sergei Karesev (2) (Russia). He admonished Aebischer (m.45) for the Young Boy and Rulli (m.87) for Villarreal
Incidents: match played at the Wankdorf Stadium in Bern (Switzerland) in front of 28,000 spectators and on an artificial turf surface.

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And the goalkeeper Rulli stood out against Elias (57 ‘), Ngameleu (66’) and Camara (64 ‘). Suffered and in what way the Submarine and in the end, the local eleven won the prize for their siege. In 77 ‘Elias signed the 1-2 on the counter after beating the two centrals with a chapeau speed.

A new game started and The Submarine had to suffer because the Young believed in the feat to flip the scoreboard. But the changes Emery made and the effectiveness of his forward led to the fall of the two goals that brought tranquility to Villarreal. At 88 ‘Albert Moreno made it 1-3, after a good combination with Gerard and Danjauma. And already in 90 ‘ Chukwueze, who just left, made it 1-4