Jorge Vilda

Holland: “Tomorrow's match is a top-level match, not a friendly one. We want to show that we can be at her height and win over one of the European champions and runner-up in the world.”

Insults at Mass: “There are attitudes that disqualify themselves. The people behind this are nothing or nobody. Unfortunately, there is still a lot to work on. Education is essential, values ​​are very important. We must continue working for equality. We are happy with the reaction of the people, the support of the fans. On that side it has been positive. “

Captaincy of Alexia Putellas: “He found out in the previous concentration, he received it with pride and commitment. We have one more captain and a player who is an example and a reference.”

Friendly: “Every time they come to the national team the concentration is maximum, they only focus on the matches they have ahead with La Roja. Playing against an opponent like Holland is already very motivating. Whenever they come, it's like that, they are very professionals, they know how to differentiate “.

Team: “Our players have been competing since they were very young in the National Team, they know each other and understand each other perfectly. The Netherlands is a top-level match.”

Irene Paredes

Mass Rodriguez: “The situation is complicated but at the same time I think that it is positive that they are talking about women's football. Let them talk about her, she has not done anything wrong, she has only shown her passion. It is still evident at the level of society how We are. We are still exposed today in a very negative way. It is a way of showing that there is still change to be made. Misa has our full support. She has to be calm, she has not done anything wrong. “

Matches: “We have to be calm, play our game as we have been doing and if we do what we have studied the Netherlands we will try to minimize their strengths as much as possible. We want to focus on ourselves, we know that by playing our game we can do a lot of damage.”


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