The one who was the boyfriend of Victoria Federica, Gonzalo Caballerohe suffered a somersault when he was fighting and, although at first he stayed in the ring lying down, it had no consequences, but it was possible to see the bullfighter costume torn in the groin, an area in which he has already suffered several scares in the past

And it is that this Saturday, Gonzalo Caballero together with Manuel Diaz ‘El Cordoba’ They starred in the poster of a mixed bullfight in the Félix Colomo de Navalcarnero bullring, in which the two right-handers had several scares in the ring. Accompanied by the bullfighter Miguel Abellanthe Infanta Elena He was present on this very special afternoon, in which he also sat next to what could have been his mother-in-law, the mother of Gonzalo Caballero.

It is not the first time that the bullfighter suffers a fright. Last year, in the Las Ventas bullring, the young man suffered “Right knee contusion with possible internal meniscus injury with internal calf fibrillar rupture. Puncture with hematoma in the external calf of the left leg”; as reported at the time.

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Two years earlier, in the same square, Gonzalo was hit hard in the groin and caused him days off. This was without a doubt the most serious he has ever had. It was Hispanic Day 2019 when the bullfighter received a goring to his left leg that caused his death for nine minutes.

An injury that caused him a real ordeal for 19 months, in fact, his doctors did not trust that the young man could walk again… but the truth is that he dressed as lights again and, once again, he has felt danger in a square.