The signing of Victoria Federica As a brand new ambassador for Hoss Intropia, she has not started off on the right foot. And it is that to the demands of the daughter of the Infanta Elena (who does not want to attend the media at the brand’s events) is joined by the rejection of many of its buyers, who do not consider that the values ​​of the granddaughter of the emeritus are the best to represent the firm.

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In the last three days, Instagram has been filled with criticism towards it in the publications in which Victoria Federica appears together with Maria Garcia de Jaime promoting the new autumn-winter collection. Many assure that they will stop buying their clothes: “I don’t even buy you a pair of socks.”

They continue: “Victoria represents the values ​​that you want to convey? Is she the type of woman who represents you? Well, what a disappointment”, “Joer, what a representation. No more shopping at Hoss”, “It seems fatal to me to have this girl from image… What a disappointment”, “I won’t buy anything from this brand again”, “But what is this? Canceled now”, “My God, I really wanted Hoss to come back… But not like this! Please, tremendous mistake!”, “What a disappointment. Is that the public you want?”, “What a campaign, Federica illustrating her knowledge of how to be. You screwed up”, “I have already unsubscribed from her newsletter and I doubt that I will buy again as long as this is the advertising address”… And so on, up to hundreds.

And that’s not all. According to Esdiario, one of the clients who could cross Hoss off her list of brands is Doña Letizia herself. Both she and her daughters, Leonor and Sofía, have worn the firm’s garments on several occasions, but it seems that the queen consort is not willing to be associated with anything that has to do with her niece, Victoria Federica.