Because I love you, because I love you, I would like to sing to you, Victoria Federica Marichalar Bourbon, a song. But it’s hard to love you

because the daughter of the infanta elena Some time ago he closed his door one morning and walked towards easy money, disagreeable antipathy, priceless frivolity and pecuniary shamelessness. The daughter of Jaime de Marichalarthe granddaughter of King Juan Carlos, is at 22 years old famous medium-haired, paid cover meat, merchandise from photo call sponsored and exhibits inordinate arrogance. Let’s see if you find out: they call you to parties and book you for events, and you are the image of things because your presence leads the press and makes the media pick up on your adventures and the brands in the press and on television appear in the background. In other words, be more polite with journalists.

The person who occupies the fifth place in the line of succession to the throne is not exemplary in almost anything, if at all influencer, and even denies being so. Its most visible brilliance is that of the dresses that they lend it. Vicmor he makes use of their surnames to fill his pockets with childish vanity and with the coins and bills that bear the faces of his relatives.

She has never had to earn a plate of food, and she is so lazy that she believes her own lies: she must think that the organizers of the parties to which she is paid to go claim and admire her for her class, her elegance, her beauty without likewise, their fabulous culture and the overwhelming intellectual level of their conversation. But it’s not like that. She wouldn’t be in any if she wasn’t who she is.

The sister of froilan It is more superficial than a countertop and perhaps because of that incapacity for reflection that we observe in it, it does not fall into the assumption that the applause it receives is hypocritical and undeserved, as false as the smiles that those who rent its image and its presence, so undeserved, put on it. like the flattery that smears the ego of this the girl real, submerged in the drool of asslickers and gold diggers.

But Victoria Federica He is young and that means that he can rectify, that he has time to mature, to make a place for himself in society, to give meaning and usefulness to the long life that he has left to live. Hopefully someone from your family or those around you will make you understand that you should take advantage of the privileges of your noble position not to monetize your outlandish fame but to give meaning to your existence, be a worthy representative of your august family, develop a serious professional career, founded in a solid formation, in work, in effort, in flawless behavior.

He will be happier this way than lending himself to unfortunate public performances, such as attending a solidarity act with children who suffer from complicated diseases, charging money and putting on the face of a person with a social conscience.

Because you charged, dear Victoria Federica, for letting you take photos with children in your arms, creatures undergoing treatment. And, apart from the fact that you did not have the prudence to put on the mask properly, you had the rennet to play the role of a charitable and caring aristocrat who cares selflessly for babies with problems. Your name, my dear, tastes like grass to me, but not like the grass that smells of love and youth, like dry grass, the kind that anyone uses in the field in a moment of trouble.