the daughter of the infanta elena She has been widely criticized in recent months for her increasingly elusive and unsympathetic attitude towards the press. Neither in the street nor in the photocalls she attends Victoria Federica to the reporters, many of them summoned to the acts only because of her. Many pointed to the shyness of the girl, others to a commandment from the Royal House… But now she is the one who explains the reason for her silence: “I don’t want to talk about my grandfather.”

This is how he explained it to Tamara Gorro at an event in which they met a few weeks ago: “They always ask me about my grandfather, my mother, my brother… And I don’t want to talk about them, I don’t want to talk about my grandfather nor the rest of my family”, he replied to the talk show host YAS when she asked him. “I want my career to go another way,” Vic said. That apparently includes not saying “good morning” either.

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Of course, beyond his family, Vic has become his own character and makes his own headlines: his romances and also his controversies. He does not want to talk about his special friendship with the bullfighter Roca Rey nor about his last league, the pilot Albert Arenas, with whom he attended the Coldplay concert in Barcelona last Sunday. He also didn’t want to explain when his horse crushed the foot of a girl at the April Fair. The family excuse falls short for Vic, who could take an example from other colleagues as discreet as her but much more educated. Time to time. She is 22 years old, she has just started and no one is born learned.