Victoria Federica allies herself with a new Royal House and takes a position on the heir to the throne… but not of Spain

Victoria Federica is definitely everywhere. The daughter of the Infanta Elena y Jaime de Marichalar became one of the fashionable faces of high society once she decided to open her social networks and feed off her public image. In the television field she demonstrated this with her participation in The challengea program where she will be seen competing in a few months and, now, she has done so with her participation in a promotional video that has not gone unnoticed.

This is Max’s new campaign to promote the new episodes of one of its most successful productions: The house of the dragonThis can be seen in the spot that the platform launched this Tuesday, and in which the granddaughter of the emeritus king appears entering a café in the centre of Madrid after having stayed up all night. Like every Monday, Max premiered the fourth chapter of the Game of Thrones prequel in the early hours of the morning.

In the video it is 8:00 a.m. and Vic enters the establishment wearing sunglasses. “You saw the episode too, didn’t you?” an employee behind the bar asks her, to which she replies: “Last night was so bad. It’s been a while since something kept me up at night so much.”. He does not take sides with either Team Black or Team Green. However, he assures that when he does take sides, he will do so to support “the rightful heir,” that is, Rhaenyra. Therefore, he sides with the Blacks.

This new collaboration between Leonor and Sofia’s cousin and the platform has become one of the topics of conversation on social media this Tuesday, where many have criticized the result of the spot.

“The only way to unite the Greens and the Blacks may be to destroy whoever came up with the idea of ​​this announcement”“We are forced to believe that Victoria Federica is one of the country’s great influencers (just because she belongs to the Spanish Royal Family) and all I see is a lack of charisma no matter how you look at it” or “Fifth in line to the Spanish throne. May God give Leonor and Sofia good health” are some of the comments that can be read on X.