Victoria Beckham’s impressive arms in her new pose: the ‘Letizia effect’

Victoria Beckham’s arms and shoulders, toned, contoured and muscular, leave us speechless. Amazing. The music star and designer, 49, posed very theatrically, wearing a black bra and a face net, for the launch of her new perfume. The outstanding portrait of her is signed by Steven Klein Studio.

His body is in definition. Victoria Beckham joins the trend of muscular arms. Perfect biceps and triceps. Is the Letizia effect. The Queen, passionate about sports, trains in Zarzuela to stay in great physical shape. She has a lot of strength in her arms. She shows when she says hello or when she shakes hands. We have also seen this trend in Charlene from Monaco.

David Beckham’s wife is the brand image of his new perfume collection, Portofino 97, with which she evokes her own love story with the former footballer: “They are scenes of a romance that began and embodies my first romantic getaway with David to Portofino in 1997”, he shared on his networks. In the formula, there are notes of Calabrian bergamot, black pepper, white incense leaves and amber and patchouli. Victoria will launch this line on September 29.