The journalist Antoni Bassas was presented this Monday as the number two of the candidacy ‘Yes to the future’ headed by Víctor Font. Bassas will not be the first vice president, as understood now, but his mission would be “lead the area of ​​the presidency and be the right hand of the president“, as Font himself explained. Thus, he will address issues of institutional comunication, Foundation and the acts to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the club. It should be remembered that Bassas was the co-director of the series of programs that TV3 dedicated to the Centennial of the club.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Bassas, who made a good part of his professional career in Catalunya Ràdio with the mythical Joaquim Maria Puyal and currently a member of the management team of the newspaper Ara, explained that “Barça has always been my life”, but lately he recognized that “Barça makes me suffer“, recalling that” we are in a self-destructive moment and of moral failure within the club “, with a high rate of” bad milk professionals “.

Bassas recalled that we are “at the gates of a new waswhere17 years end, which began with Laporta“.

Thus, Bassas joins Toni Nadal, uncle and former coach of the Mallorcan tennis player, in the project led by Font with a view to directing the club from January 25. It must be remembered that Nadal would be integrated into a new area of ​​behavior.

In another vein, Víctor Font was totally unmarked on the possibility of signing Neymar: “He is a player who left us stranded and who neither institutionally nor economically interests us“. While reaffirmed in the will that Messi hang up his boots at the club and that their bonding goes much more to its end of career: “We will offer Leo a project of sports and institutional continuity“.

Likewise, he was surprised by Javier Tebas' statements about putting politics aside in the presidency of Barcelona: “My candidacy integrates very diverse ideologies and I have explained it to Thebes himself.. It is logical that they want to pigeonhole us on one side or the other, but we we have no political interest“.


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