Víctor Díaz, one of the captains and heavyweights in the Granada dressing room, appeared this afternoon and asked for calm to handle the situation and face Sunday’s game against Espanyol. The rojiblancos depend on themselves and by winning they will certify their continuity for one more season in the First Division.

Keys to win: “Do what we’ve been doing lately. I’m calm, the team is competing well, training very well and those are the keys to achieving the goal. The team has won in packaging and we have to continue to be effective with the chances we have. For us There is no greater prize than salvation. Tranquility and being the same as those of the last few weeks.”

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Importance of experience in situations like this: “We know how important it is for the club, for the city and for the whole world. We have to face it calmly. Anxiety in these cases does not bring anything good, we are completely confident that we are going to get it out. We have the support of the fans, all the tickets have been sold out and there will be a reception like on every special occasion. We are confident that we will do things well, we are preparing the game to compete in the best way”.

Team Improvement: “Since the coach arrived, the sensations have been very positive. Since the Wanda match, every week we have been taking one more step and we have a lot of room for growth. I am guided by the sensations and the team has very good pressure after losing, they compete well , generates chances… Against Betis things didn’t go as expected, but we’re generally happy with the performance. We’re focused on winning the game and making the fans happy. It’s a very long week, but it’s good to work on all the aspects that the coach wants to put into practice for the match. There’s no need to be in a hurry. We’re going to rest well, prepare well and be ready for the demands of the match”.

Earrings from other parties: “The first mistake would be to start looking at the other games. We have earned ourselves to depend on ourselves, it takes ninety minutes to win a game. We ask that people be with us from start to finish. You can win the game in the minute one or 95. We have to focus on ourselves. Winning helps us. We have to focus on our game and when it’s over we’ll see what happened. We have to be one hundred percent focused on what’s ours. If we start looking at the other games, We lose sight of what we have in front of us”.

Is it possible to completely isolate yourself? “In the field you know that something has happened when you hear goals in the stands, you can intuit something. But if you think about it, you lose focus. We have to be cold, be concentrated, have mental strength. Otherwise, it would be a mistake”.

End anxiety with Karanka: “We thought that by winning the home games we would have permanence and we had that anxiety to see that in many of those home games things were not working out for us. Against Athletic Bilbao it was a very good script, the team competed from start to finish and people were aware of the importance of the match. We have to be calm, play with the right tension because we’re playing for something very important like salvation. We don’t have to go crazy”.

Physical wear: “We squeeze every game. We want to take advantage of every day of the week to hydrate well, eat well, sleep well and prepare for the demands of the game, which is going to be a lot. It’s going to be very hot and we have to give our all We want to go on vacation giving everything and achieving the goal”.