For this, the vermilion team visits a venue that brings very good memories to the Majorcan coach Vicente Moreno who scored his only goal as a First player in the old San Mamés and that with Nàstic he achieved an important victory in second cante on Athletic B: “I have fond memories, both of the old stadium where I had the fortune, and in what better setting, to score a goal in the First Division in a field as historic as San Mamés And also the new one where I remember that with Nàstic in second A we played against Athletic B and won 0-4, good memories that are anecdotal and that are of little use, but of course it has a very good memory. “

Shield / Flag Mallorca

On the accounts that may be being done in the Balearic club to achieve permanence, Moreno assures that “it is not something that we have focused on, much less, but obviously you don't have to be a star to know that each week that passes, fewer points remain and it is very important to add up to three because the options are being reduced “.

According to the Valencian “we cannot add up all the points that we need in a run and we must start with this match, and in this fight the most important thing is to win our match, the accounts come to me but we have to win our matches and the sooner we start much better and the more options we will have “.

About the match against Athletic, Moreno states that “Bilbao is always a difficult place against a very good team who is also strong at home, but it is the first game we hold on to start and I repeat that the most important thing to achieve goals is that you win your matches. “

Regarding the good game that his team displays without obtaining favorable results, the Mallorcan coach assures that “unfortunately we have not had the award that many times I think the players have won, let's see if we are able to continue along that line, but this time the result will also be given “, adding that “sometimes the line between winning or losing, between getting or not doing it, is very thin”.

According to Moreno, “we usually generate a lot, we do things, we always have options, we are always in the game, and what we will try to do is improve on the goalscoring side in order to achieve a good result.”

To prevail over Athletic, Moreno points out that “it is not easy to score a goal and for that you have to have tools, people who can help us and who can make you improve, and have players who are mentally strong. “In defense of their footballers, Moreno believes that “the boys give up their lives in every game, there are measurable or objective things to say this and then there are sensations, it is not easy when you are in an adversity situation where you are losing more than winning. “