On the day of the Holy Innocents last year we woke up with the historic cover of Isabella Preysler announcing the end of his relationship with Mario Vargas Llosa. They ended up like the rosary of the dawn after around eight years together. She alleged unfounded jealousy on the part of the Nobel Prize for Literature, while he explained that they had different lifestyles and that is why the story did not come together. Be that as it may, ‘tito Mario’ ended up leaving Villa Meona and settling in his apartment in the center of Madrid.

Shortly after the great storm, the Peruvian writer assured that after the end of his relationship with Preysler he had recovered his “freedom”. As he parted ways with the queen of hearts came his second chance with Patricia Llosa, who in addition to the mother of his three children is also his cousin. He left her in 2015 for Tamara Falcó’s mother but they have finally decided to spend the last stage of their lives together.

In March they celebrated with the whole family the wedding of one of their granddaughters in Lima and after traveling to their country of origin they decided to stay there to live a ‘second honeymoon’ and escape for a time from the media pressure that was unleashed in Spain. . As a result of putting land in the middle, the truth is that the media interest of the author of The city and the Dogs in the tabloids decreased. He also played in his favor all the controversy of Tamara Falco and his wedding with Inigo Onieva, which eclipsed all the themes of the Preysler clan and glossy paper. About two months ago she returned to Spain to resume her commitments.

Also this Wednesday Mario Vargas Llosa has reappeared in the Dominican Republic with Patricia: “President Luis Abinader has announced the granting of Dominican nationality to my father after the very cordial meeting this morning at the National Palace. Many thanks to him and his wife Raquel for the extraordinary hospitality” , He has written Alvaroson of the Nobel and his wife, on Twitter, along with some photos of this very special act.

The two appear smiling, as if the eight years they spent apart from each other have made absolutely no dent in their relationship. Patricia doesn’t seem to even remember how bad she had it and her regrets in public… “My children and I are surprised and very sorry (…) We have just celebrated 50 years of marriage,” she lamented in that 2015 statement after discovering that her husband had started something more than a friendship with the mother of Enrique Iglesias.