Vargas Llosa, from a Peruvian beach on his first birthday after Hurricane Preysler: “Happy 87th Birthday”

Mario Vargas Llosa celebrates his 87th birthday this Tuesday, March 28. Following the trend of recent months, his son Alvaro He has been in charge of telling the news about the Nobel Prize for Literature on social networks. The writer already confessed that he had regained his freedom after his break with the queen of hearts. The truth is that he does not waste time surrounded by his loved ones, among whom is his ex-wife, Patricia Llosawith whom he seems to be living a second honeymoon after the reconciliation.

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“Happy 87th Birthday”, has written his son next to two photos of the author of The city and the Dogs. Vargas Llosa appears in a completely relaxed attitude. In the first image he appears much happier, wearing a smile from ear to ear. In the second, he plays interesting.

Isabel Preysler announced the break on December 28 of last year and, since then, the writer’s life has taken an unexpected turn. After the end of the courtship, he left Villa Meona for his apartment in the center of Madrid and, by leaps and bounds, he was recovering complicity with his ex-wife. The two have reconciled after almost eight years apart. Who was going to say it in 2015, when the author left her for the mother of Tamara Falcó, throwing away her fifty years of marriage. The twists and turns of life…

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Patricia and Mario have been living in Peru for about a month. They traveled to Lima to celebrate the wedding of one of their granddaughters and there they stayed, far from the media storm unleashed in our country. In February, Patricia also accompanied him on one of the most important days of her literary life: her admission to the French Academy.