The Nobel Prize for Literature has spoken publicly on the occasion of his entry into the French Academy on February 9, a Parisian event to which King Juan Carlos himself and the writer’s ex-wife are invited, Patricia Llosawith whom rumors of reconciliation sound after their latest approaches.

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Isabel Preysler, for obvious reasons, is not on the guest list for Mario Vargas Llosa. The author of The city and the Dogs has spoken reluctantly of his “experience” with the queen of hearts. He remains cautious and does not bring up dirty laundry: “I am not going to talk about Isabel, not at all (…) The experience has been magnificent, but not literary. It cannot be turned into a novel, that”, he has confessed in The country. Of course, she clarifies: “I do not regret anything.”

He has only limited himself to saying that her world, that of the civilization of the show, did not fit with his, the literary one: “They are two very different worlds, very separate. But hey. The experience was lived and that’s it , I am back in my house, surrounded by my books”. The Peruvian left Villa Meona after seven years of relationship and returned to his house in the center of Madrid, near the Royal Palace. There he lived with his ex-wife, Patricia.

The creator of The party of the goat has also spoken for The world: “I was very much in love with Isabel. But let’s say, that world is not my world.” Upon The windshe recounted that he published in 2021 with certain similarities to his life in Villa Meona, he assures: “It went completely unnoticed and now it is everywhere (…) Absurd and nonsensical messages. Never ever in my life would it have occurred to me to ridicule Isabel. At that time I got along very well with her. I don’t even remember when I wrote those episodes that have been published in the newspapers, even in France, in an article on The world!”.

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Isabel Preysler was in charge of announcing their break on December 28, the day of the Holy Innocents. According to her version, the alleged unfounded jealousy of the writer caused the separation. Something that Vargas Llosa himself already denied before the press, on one of the few occasions that he responded, concisely, to the journalists who were waiting at the doors of his Madrid home.