Which Norwegian player would nationalize the Dutch? They asked Louis Van Gaal on ‘TV2’, on the occasion of the Netherlands-Norway. The Dutch coach did not hesitate to answer: “I would have to choose between Odegaard and Thorstvedt (Genk midfielder). Odegaard is very creative and has great passing ability. You can put the ball wherever you want. When you ask for it in good standing, you can play it successfully. He’s a team player and that’s very good. “

Photo de Odegaard

The next question about today’s Arsenal player is Van Gaal took the opportunity to send a ‘message’ to Real Madrid, the club that signed Martin when he was only 15 years old. “The best place to train? It’s a simple answer: Ajax would give you the best education. AZ is also a great place for the development of a young Norwegian,” he replied.

With his past at Barcelona, ​​it’s no wonder he didn’t miss the chance to subtly attack the whites. Thus, he considers that his landing on the Paseo de la Castellana was a mistake, since he should have gone to Ajax or AZ. Later, in the Eredivisie he managed to rebound his career with his transfers to Herenveen and Vitesse.