• Valentine's Day originated in Ancient Rome
  • The church changed the festival of Lupercalia for Valentine's Day
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Throughout the year there are some specific days to celebrate some aspects of our day to day or to thank our loved ones. Among the most prominent days are Mother's and Father's Day, Peace Day and even Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day is one of the most popular days of the year. During this day couples from different parts of the world show their love with gifts or details that reflect everything they feel for each other. Whether you have a partner or not, everyone knows the things that are usually given on Valentine's Day or when this party is celebrated. However, there is a detail that almost everyone does not know and that is most peculiar, as is its origin.

The origin of Valentine's Day

As with many other parties, this celebration began in ancient Rome. At that time the festival of Lupercalia was celebrated, a party that honored the shepherds and their flocks. However, the Church changed this day for Valentine's Day.

With this day already established, in the 18th century it became fashionable to send postcards to show affection for the loved one. This trend spread throughout Europe and already in the 19th century the celebration was adapted throughout the world.

The reason to call it Valentine

Another question that is around the day is the reason why Valentine is linked to Valentine's Day. This mystery does not have a precise answer, but there are up to three holy martyrs who are the candidates with the best chance of answering this question.

The most accepted theory is the story of a priest named Valentin. This man, married couples clandestinely before the prohibition of Emperor Claudius II that did not allow weddings or engagements. After celebrating hundreds of weddings, this priest was discovered and locked in a prison until the day of his death.